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There are many options to whiten your teeth.  All of the options will result in whiter teeth. The main difference is how long it takes to get you there.  Our favorite combination that works fast with excellent results, includes a combination of BOOST with Go Tray take home strips.

        *  BOOST by Opalescence In-Office Whitening

        *  Go Trays - professional whitening strips

        *  ZOOM Advanced Power Plus In-Office Whitening

        *  Custom Trays w/ Take Home Whitening Gel
BOOST by Opalescence is our newest addition to the choices that can be made for in office whitening.  Typically it requires two- three 20 minute sessions in the office, and doesn't require the light.  There is less sensitivity because the teeth are not dehydrated .  Most people can expect to see a lightening of 5-7 shades.  Teeth that are gray may need two sessions a few months apart. Results are the same as ZOOM.

Go Trays by Opalescence are unique professional strength whitening strips.  They come with a waxy tray with a whitening strip inside.  You place the tray over your teeth, press it into place, then remove the outer waxy tray.  The strip doesn't move around like OTC strips, and they come in different professional strengths. The wear time depends on the strength of the gel, and it varies from 15 minutes to one hour.  Go Trays are sold individually, in four packs and 10 packs. Great for touchups.  No messy trays to clean. Inquire at our office.

ZOOM Advanced Power Plus is an in office whitening procedure which uses a blue light to whiten your teeth.  It's safe and effective.  In just over and hour your teeth will be dramatically whiter.  The convenience of ZOOM! in comparison to days and weeks of using strips or trays, makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.  


Custom Tray Whitening with Take Home Gel
is an excellent way to whiten your teeth while generally slower than ZOOM! whitening, the results are just as effective. When sensitivity is an issue, it is the better choice.  Since you can control both the exposure time and the concentration of the gel, you can reduce sensitivity issues.  Sensitivity issues are usually only for a short period of time, and are reduced with the use of fluoride and sensitivity toothpaste.  For those people that are not sensitive, a higher concentration of whitening gel can be used, which shortens the treatment time dramatically.  The latest, greatest, and quickest concentration is 35%, but we have whitening gels that range from 10%-35%.  We use Opalescence and Nite-White/Day White gel.  Flavors:  melon, plain & mint.

Tray procedure:  An impression is made of both your upper and lower arches.  These are made into plaster models, from which the trays are made.  Once the trays are made and fitted, you wear the whitening gel for up to 2 hours daily (less time, 30 minutes, if using a higher concentration).  Typical treatment time is 2-3 weeks, with touch ups every 4-6 months for a night or two.