What will happen during my visit?

During your initial visit to our office, we will review your medical history, dental history, and discover any concerns that you have about your teeth or gums. If you have cosmetic concerns, please discuss your desires with us at this visit.


Your comprehensive examination includes the following: 

     *  Digital x-rays of all of your teeth

     *  Intraoral photos of your teeth

     *  Chart all existing restorations, crowns, & missing teeth

     *  Chart all decayed, fractured, or broken teeth

     *  Perform a periodontal exam with measurements

     *  Screen for oral cancer, both on x-rays and visually

     *  Evaluate your teeth for orthodontic needs

     *  Evaluate your occlusion for excessive wear or trauma

     *  Evaluate your joint & muscles for TMJ

     *  Formulate a treatment plan and prioritize your needs


If you have dental insurance benefits, we will help you navigate your particular plan and estimate your costs.  If needed, and time allows, you will see our hygienist for a cleaning.  Typically the first visit will be one hour with the dentist, and one hour with the hygienist.  If you prefer you may plan to split your appointment into two visits. Please bring any questions, concerns or desires that you have concerning your smile, so that we can discuss these with you at your initial visit.  We're so glad you chose our office and look forward to meeting you. 


     First Visit


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