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Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are similar to fillings, but they are made of porcelain or gold instead of resin (composite) materials.  They tend to be much stronger than composite resin, and are fabricated by a laboratory. Both inlay and onlay restorations are considered to be very conservative to the tooth enamel and dentin, in comparison to a crown.  An inlay, is similar to a filling, in that it resides inside the center of a tooth.  An onlay is larger than an inlay, and usually covers a cusp. Most of the time the margins do not extend under the gum line, making it easier to keep clean, which makes it healthier for the gums. They are processed in a lab from an impression, then cemented in place with a composite cement. Onlays and inlays can also be made of yellow or white gold, in addition to natural shades of porcelain. These restorations are not used when there is a fracture present or when a tooth has received endodontic therapy.