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Abscess - infection caused by severe tooth decay, trauma or gum disease.
Amalgam - a silver and mercury material used for fillings.
Anesthetic - a drug used by your doctor to eliminate a patient's localized pain during certain dental procedures.
Anterior - the teeth in the front of your mouth.
Antiseptic - an agent that can be applied to living tissues to destroy germs.
Apex - the very tip of the root of a tooth.
Aspirator - a suction device your dentist uses to remove saliva from your mouth.

Bleaching Agent - a gel used to whiten and brighten teeth.

Boost - Brand of in-office whitening
Bonding - a plastic composite painted on the teeth to correct stains or damage.

Botox - Allergan Brand of neurotoxin used to relax facial wrinkles
Bridge - one or more artificial teeth attached to your adjacent teeth.
Bruxism - the clenching or grinding of teeth, most commonly while sleeping.

Calculus - the hardened plaque that can form on neglected or prone teeth, commonly known as tartar.
Canine - the pointy teeth just behind the laterals.
Caries - another name for cavities or decayed teeth.
Cavity - a tiny hole in the tooth caused by decay.
Central - the two upper and two lower teeth in the center of the mouth.
Crown - an artificial tooth or cover made of porcelain or metal.
Cuspid - the pointy teeth just behind the laterals, also known as canines.

Decalcification - the loss of calcium from the teeth.
Deciduous Teeth - also called "baby teeth."
Dental Implants - an implant permanently attached to the jawbone that replaces a missing tooth or teeth.
Denture - a removable set of artificial teeth.
Distal - facing the back of the mouth

Dysport - Galderma brand of neurotoxin used to relax facial wrinkles

Enamel - the hard surface of the tooth above the gum line.
Endodontist - a dentist who specializes in root canals and the treatment of diseases and infections of the dental pulp (inner tooth).
Extraction - the removal of a tooth or teeth.

Filling - a plug made of metal or composite material used to fill a tooth cavity.
Fluoride - a chemical solution used to harden teeth and prevent decay.
Frenectomy - the removal of the attachment between the lip and vestibule.
Frenum - the string attachment, typically between front teeth.

Gingivitis - inflammation of gums around the roots of the teeth.
Gums - the firm flesh that surrounds the roots of the teeth.
Gum Disease - also called pyorrhea or periodontal disease

Impacted Tooth - often occurring with wisdom teeth, it is a tooth that sits sideways below the gum line, often requiring extraction.
Incisal - related to edge of the tooth
Incisor - one of the flat, sharp-edged teeth in the front of the mouth.
Inlays - a custom-made restoration that is made of either porcelain or gold, which is cemented into an unhealthy tooth.
Instant Orthodontics - alternative to braces using bonded porcelain veneers or crowns.
Invisalign Orthodontics - brand of clear removal aligner therapy - Orthodontics 

 Laser -  a dental instrument used to shape and contour gums, remove cysts and tissue, trough gums around crown preparations, and treat gum disease.  Uses light energy.
Lateral - these are the teeth adjacent to the centrals.

Mesial -  facing the front or midline

Occlusal - the part of the teeth that you chew on, top of the tooth
Occlusion - the relationship of the upper and lower teeth and how they articulate together
Onlay - a restoration that is made of either porcelain or gold, which covers at least one cusp and is cemented onto the tooth.

Night Guard - a plastic mouthpiece worn at night to prevent  damage from grinding of the teeth. Often used to treat TMJ.

Pedontist - also known as a pediatric dentist, a dentist that specializes in the treatment of children's teeth.
Periodontal Disease - the inflammation associated with the reaction of the immune system to bacterial proteins that are present in the mouth, typically in the pockets between teeth.  The loss of attachment to the teeth, bone loss, bleeding and inflamed gums
Periodontist - a dentist specializing in the treatment of gum disease.
Plaque - a sticky buildup of acids and bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease.
Posterior Teeth - the teeth in the back of the mouth.
Primary Teeth - also known as "baby teeth" or deciduous teeth.
Prosthodontist - a dentist specializing in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth or severely damaged teeth.

Root - the portion of the tooth below your gum line.
Root Canal - cleaning out and filling the inside nerve of a tooth that is heavily decayed. Endodontic therapy. 

Root Planing & Scaling - the process of cleaning the roots of teeth under the gumline from debris, toxins and bacteria, reducing pockets and minimizing periodontal disease

Sealant - plastic coating applied to the grooves of teeth to prevent decay. Used most commonly for children. Made from resin.
Secondary Teeth - the permanent teeth.
Six-Year Molar - commonly known as "the first molar."
Soft tissue laser - see laser
Sleep Apnea - a potentially serious disorder in which a sleeping person may stop breathing for 10 seconds or more, often continuously throughout the night. Can lead to heart attacks, stokes, obesity, fatigue, or death

Snoring - Loud sounds made by a sleeping person, when the tongue occludes the airway, vibration of the soft palate
Tartar - see calculus.

Third Molar - wisdom tooth
TMJ Syndrome - a disorder associated with the joint of the jaw. Often caused by a misalignment of or a disparity in upper and lower jaw sizes.
Tooth Whitening - a process designed to whiten and brighten teeth with carbomide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.
Twelve-Year Molar - commonly known as "the second molar."

Uvula - the soft fleshy tissue that hangs in the back of your throat.

Veneers- a plastic, porcelain or composite material used to improve the attractiveness of a stained or damaged tooth. Generally cemented over the minimally prepared tooth enamel

Whitening - the process of lightening teeth through custom trays, Zoom lamp whitening, or whitening strips.

Zoom - whitening procedure done in-office with a blue light and peroxide gel, prescription strength

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