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Sedation & Nitrous Oxide

For your comfort ......... we have massage built right into your dental chair. We offer warm blankets and pillows, movies, televisions, lip balm, refreshments and WiFi for you to enjoy.  Relax, sit back and let us spoil you!

Many people are afraid and uncomfortable going to the dentist.  You are not alone. Dental fear is a very common fear.  Dr. Hilton-Foley has had many years of experience helping those that are in need of dentistry, but are afraid to see the dentist.  You'd be surprised to hear, most people have put off needed dentistry because of their fear.  Because of our gentle touch and caring manner, in the majority of our cases, we are able to work with patients without the need for sedation, but we want you to know, it is available for you, if needed.

Options include:

  1.                       ~  Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide
  2.                       ~  Anxiety medication
  3.                       ~  Sedation oral conscious sedation

For those people that are simply too afraid to even start treatment, much less make and keep their appointment, we want you to know that you have the option available for oral sedation or anxiety medication to help you relax, both prior to your appointment, and on the day of your appointment.  With sedation, you can have the work done that you need, and miraculously, have no memory of even going to your appointment! For people with dental fear, this is a welcomed thought! 

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