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What do I do when .....

my Crown or Temporary is Off & Needs to be Recemented?

For crowns or temporaries that have come off, please contact the office as soon as possible for instructions.  It is best not to leave a temporary or a permanent crown off your tooth for an extended period of time. Teeth will shift very quickly, side to side or up and down within the arch.  If you cannot come into the office, the best thing to do is get some denture adhesive (like Fixodent or Polygrip) and temporarily cement it back on with the adhesive.  This will hold the space between the teeth and prevent the crown from needing to be remade or adjusted significantly. It will also reduce sensitivity by allowing it to be covered and shielded from air.  You will still need to be careful chewing on that particular tooth while temporarily glued on with the sticky denture adhesive. Be careful not to swallow it.  Ideally you should be seen in the office to recement it as soon as possible. Call the office at 813-891-1212.